Hap Magee has a reputation for storytelling. The early life as a longhorn steering operation of the park is marked by a barn front at the entrance into the park. Hap Magee Ranch Park is a 16.3 hectare park, which is jointly owned by the City of Danville and Alamo, township (Contrar Costa). The park is unique in the San Ramón valley due to its historic buildings, informal recreation events, the proximity of the other parks in the city, creative landmarks and JPOC governance. Some valley parks have mature trees and unique design features, but they don't suit the rural environment of Magee. Before the cattle found this house, it was a summer camp for children in San Francisco, the Resort Swain. Check a potable fountain with a marker and child's brick reproduction to commemorative Camp Swain. Hap Magee's water characteristic is a metal tube combination, which forms a funnel and sprinkles water to children and sprinkles water from the ground. A motion sensor activates the water feature on a random circuit. The land has 17 hectares which has walking trails, dedicated play areas for children and picnic areas and a dog park. 


In 3 historic houses the property was steadily redecorated and renovated–an ongoing process. The employees of Danville lived in the Swain and Magee houses and restored them, now freely available for sale. Since 1995, the YMCA has rented the cottage and is often present in the area. On the property, next to the historic cottages there is a large children's play area with a ranch theme and a sand volleyball court. A 1/2acre off-leash canine Corral in a small dog park with grass is open to the north of the huts. Hap Magee Park is an amazing gem in a park for many visitors to the park. Hap Magee Ranch Park A move takes place as a family trip to the Indian platform (part of the third year curriculum). The East Bay Regional Park District constructed the steel bridge over San Ramon Creek, connecting in 1993 the Las Trampas Regional Trail with Mount Diablo. A new route has been built by the Council between Danville Blvd. and the citizens bridge. Architects planned the Orphans Memorial Drinking Fountain and the Indian Commemorative Park, both completed in 1997.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Danville, California:

  • Mount Diablo State Park

  • Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

  • Danville South Park

  • Diablo Vista Park

  • Osage Station Park

  • Sycamore Valley Park

  • Oak Hill Park


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