Las Trampas is a national preserve of 21.62 square kilometers, located in Alameda and the counties of Contra Costa in northern California. California Las Trampas, Spain's second closest city for the traps or the snares. The park is part of the Regional Park District of East Bay. It is located near the Bollinger Creek, a small valley with a horse pond and travel parking. It has two long ridges (Easterly Trampas Ridge and Westerly Rocky Ridge). Some of the paths are steep; up to 270 m they can be modified. The park was called the "hard man of the East Bay District." Vegetation is primarily present in the west and southern slopes of the two ridges: black salvia, shake, buck grass, plays with less, hybrides manzane, elderberries, gooseberries, chaparral currants, sticky monkey-flower, coffeeberries, coyotes, poison-oak, redberries, deer, and several tens of other species. On some exposed rocks there are dense layers of fossils. The length of the Rocky Ridge is 617 m. Rocky Ridge. At 1.760 feet (540 m), you cross the EBMUD line. The trail goes either to the Staging Area of Valle Vista on the Canyon Road of Moraga or to Chabot Station of Castro Valley in the south. The trails run east of the Bollinger Creek, Chamise and Bollinger Creek Trail through Las Trampas Mountain, with spectacular views of the Ygnacio, San Ramón y Amador Valleys and Diablo Range and Carquinez Lake. Two picnic areas are situated near the car park, called Steelhead and Shady. The are first-come, first-served and can not be reserved. The adjacent Little Hills Picnic Ranch is a designated picnic spot for parties of 50 to 300 people. Bicycles are permitted on half paths; on each route, cycling and equestrian. Dogs are allowed. Dogs are allowed. Cows, calves, steers and sometimes unattainable bulls are found on the path; their grass remains short in the summer for a fire[1]. The crazy, wild, wild, wild wild wild widows and eagles can also look into their eyes. The most famous trees in California are laurel and live oak on the coast. Other species include buckeye, thick maple leaves, live oak neck, white oak and scrub oak. Earlier seems to prefer the hillside with its muzzletoe at the end of Chamise Avenue. 

The park is bisected by Bollinger Creek. To the west is the Rocky Ridge which takes people to the height at 2,024 meters via a paved trail by a parking lot. At 1760 meters alight, a road leads west to Valle Vista Stadium on the Moraga Canyon Road, and south to the Castro Stadium in the Municipal District of East Bay. A license is required for walking on the EBMUD site. Las Trampas ' western pitch is a fragile EBMUD area and it is not allowed to take place for visitors who do not have a valid EBMUD permit.

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