The Osage Station Park has a beautiful, traditional pink garden and children's playground as well as a railway station. There are 4 tennis courts, 4 gardens, numerous football fields and a walk around the park in this 35-acre area. Tennis courts and games courts are reserved. An adjacent tennis court is located next to the Orange Blossom Way parking lot. There are 20 picnic tables and 5 bbq pitches by the children's playground. The park is named for the Osage Oranges Farm in which the park is now home to three Orange osage trees. Osage Station Park, which was once a railway line as the name suggests, is a short distance from Iron Horse Trail. In this 35 acre park there is something for everyone! It has picnic areas, a garden with rosettes and a driveway, tennis courts, diamonds, soccer fields. The children can let their imagination work wild on an immersive, inexpensive and accessible playground. The old western theme of the playground refers to the old train's history. The area is also a children's playground with an entrance hall, a casino, a lounge room and a jail. The principal elements of the area include slides from the hill, seasonal digging, blinking railway cross-arms, ascending barrels and a rib-surfaced "mesa" (table for the children). The park was closed to the public at the beginning of 2016. New buildings in both the playgrounds and in picnic areas were removed and replaced by existing buildings. During the refurbishments. The threaded park ' Old West' has multi era playgrounds and new security areas throughout the area. Parents need to rest or have a picnic at one of the many tables at a vibrant garden bench.

Osage has hundreds of vibrant and flowering roses flourishing at their highest and highest during the first flower of the year. The flowers are situated in the park, providing a long range of beauty and quiet for tourists. The Garden is made of 1,417 remembrance rose growers and 91 more roses to honor Wwii Heroes, says John Teixeira, Park Superintendent for the city of Danville. The park is to the west behind the playground, the highway is to the east, and the center of the triangle of Charlotte Wood is to the south. We're on the foot of the south. It offers holiday in wooden plant baskets, with the exception of flowers jumping on the fence lines and certain trellised plants. The Rose Gardens are idle and planting from April to November, Teixeira and his staff who spend the season, fertilization and watering.

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