How Do You Get White Residue Off Your Pavers?

Efflorescence is an unfortunate yet common problem that occurs on the surface of pavers. This problem occurs when water brings salt to the surface of the paver, creating a white coating on the paver. It is not as easily removed as powder, however; it requires use of the correct products in order to remove it. Fortunately, keeping your pavers looking new is a relatively simple task. Making sure they are well maintained at all times can lead to a better presentation and less risk of efflorescence or change of color and keep your interlocking concrete pavers looking gorgeous for a lifetime. Read on for a quick list of simple tips to help keep your pavers beautiful.

“Making sure they are well maintained at all times can lead to a better presentation and less risk of efflorescence or change of color.”
1) Use The Right Cleaning Materials

When trying to clean efflorescence off a paver, it is important to only use the correct tools because use of harmful chemicals can cause discoloration or permanent damage to the surface. Many times on the internet you will see advice about using vinegar to remove efflorescence from brick, however we recommend Glaze ‘N Seal as they only produce cleaners and sealers that are safe on these surfaces and will keep the surface looking clean for extended periods of time.


2) Make Sure To Maintain The Pavers

There is a commonly used four step plan that is easy to execute and will keep your pavers looking clean. First, make sure to remove visible stains by “spot cleaning”. This will ensure that you can identify whether or not the stain is caused by efflorescence or wear and tear to the surface, and will prevent you from causing further damage. Every stain requires a different cleaning formula. Next, dilute the cleaner (in this case, Glaze ‘N Seal is a good cleaner for efflorescence). Only use what you need to effectively clean the surface. Next, agitate the surface with a strong brush cleaner. This will lead to a deeper clean and cleaner look. Finally, rinse the surface thoroughly. Following this plan will leave your pavers looking clean for many years to come.


“Every stain requires a different cleaning formula.”


3) Seal Your Pavers

Sealing your pavers can make for less routinely care. Use the sealer recommended by your paver supplier, as using the wrong sealer can result in damage and discoloration to the concrete paver surfaces. Many of the most commonly used sealers are water based, making them safe on all surfaces. Before sealing your surface, it is important to remove oil, dirt, or grease from the pavement because these stains may not be compatible with the sealer. Allow any moisture in the pavement to dry for at least 24 hours. Apply the sealer solution to the area using a sprayer. It is best to saturate the area, as too much sealer is better than not enough. Ideal surface temperatures are between 55 and 85 degrees. Allow the first coat to dry for 2 hours before applying an second coat. By sealing and maintaining clean, this will keep efflorescence from appearing on your paver.


“Allow any moisture in the pavement to dry for at least 24 hours."


4) Use Trustworthy Pavers

Belgard pavers are the most common type of paver used in San Francisco East Bay cities like Walnut Creek, Lafayette, or in the surrounding communities.  They are the most durable and it is easy to remove efflorescence from these, but it is important to uphold maintenance of the paver itself. It is suggested to seal and clean the paver every three to five years for best results. After installing the pavers, be sure to wait at least three months before sealing. When cleaning the paver, test a small area to ensure that it will give you the desired results. Also, the application of too many sealers will lead to eventual discoloration in sunlight, so it is advised to only seal once every three years.

How Can I Prevent Efflorescence?

The most important thing to remember about efflorescence is that it can be easily prevented with proper care. Using high quality sealers is essential in extending the life and the best way to keep your pavers looking gorgeous for a lifetime!


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