How Much Pressure is Right?

Pressure washing consumers often ask how much pressure a pressure washer really needs in order to be functional, and it works at its best abilities. The pressure generated by a pressure washer is measured in PSI (pounds per inch), and the amount of PSI will change, depending on what you are cleaning.


You'll need much less pressure to be able to clean to wash your vehicle's dust and salt than you would need in order to wash your garage’s oil stains.


The gallons per minute (GPM) is another variable which is also crucial, but not often taken into account when using a pressure washer. This unit measures the water that your pressure washer expels out of itself. The more water that it can expel at a time, the faster things will get cleaned. 

In essence, you can clean only as fast as the water comes out of the nozzle. It is measured, as stated above, as being called gallons per minute (GPM),  Bigger GPMs (gallons per minute) clean faster because the dirt is attacked initially by more water, and there is more water to lift it and carry it away. 


Imagine shooting a squirt gun on your sidewalk with a clump of dirt. It's going to break up, but there's still dirt, and it’s not really going anywhere. Now fill a 5 gallon water bucket, and pour it out over the same dirt pile. Now  it is washing away! Now think if you combined the would have an excellent cleaning tool if you could combine the method of the pistol with the results of using the bucket.


Pressure washers are that combination, and enable you to achieve this level of cleaning by combining elevated pressure and high quantity to clean a number of assorted surfaces. Therefore, don't overlook the GPM of a pressure washer. It is just as essential, if not more essential, to PSI. It will also play a crucial role in determining which pressure washer you need to purchase. 


Therefore, learning how much pressure is needed for different and surfaces, materials, or items that you want to clean with a pressure washer will assist you in  deciding what pressure washing machine is best.


The pressure washers that can expel water faster will be more expensive, so if you are on a budget, it is best to look at the lower-powered pressure washers. If you do not need a powerful pressure washer, though, it is not recommended that you purchase one. This is for several reasons. 

  • Economy

    • While this is really up to the buyer as to what their budget is, if there is really no reason to spend more money on something that they do not even need, then why pay the extra?

  • Safety

    • Again, if you do not need a higher powered pressure washer, it is safer for the handler to use something that can not reach such a high capacity to expel water. Most people are never trained on how to operate tools like these,, so when they do, they tend to make lots of mistakes. If a user can avoid the mistake of getting super badly injured, then that would be ideal. 


However, you will still need to understand the job that you are wanting to execute. You will still want to get a pressure washer that will be able to do the job well, and meet your standards of cleanliness.