How to Prepare Your House for Pressure Cleaning

Today, you will learn how to wash your house, using a pressure washer to clean the siding and gutters. First, we shall examine the instruments and equipment necessary for pressure washing. Second, we will talk about how to prepare and execute the work, so as we can prevent injury and damage to your house.


Selecting the best power washers, nozzles, and detergents


The correct pressurized washer will help you to clean your whole house one afternoon, along with the right fittings and detergents. Before you start, let's look at the instruments and equipment you will be needing: 


  • Gas or Electric power washer? 

    • A high-speed gas pressurized washing machine is perfect. Since it's a large task to clean your home, the greater the flow rate (GPM), the faster the work can be performed and completed. You can use an electrical power washer, but it will take  two to three times longer. 

  • Purchase or rent? 

    • Pressure washers are cost-effective and very helpful, which is why we believe you should buy one. However, it is up to you, and you will need to evaluate your own criteria, and make the correct choice for you. 

  • Which nozzle do I use? 

    • To apply the detergent, you must use the black soap nozzle. Then use the 25 or 40 degree nozzle tip to clean the house’s siding. You will want to use an extension wand for pressure cleaning higher up on your house, because you do not want to use a pressure washer from a ladder. Keep the pressure wand 3 feet from the ground to begin, and move closer by 1-foot, as you determine how much pressure is needed to remove mildew and grime. The detergent should make it such that there is not that much pressure actually involved in the cleaning. 


What to do Before You Start Cleaning


  • Protect your eyes

    • Protection of the eye is required. It's frightening because you'd never see individuals working without eye protection in a machine shop, but you'd still see individuals working around their homes without protection. It’s really super easy to wear only a pair of security sunglasses to prevent injuries to your eyes.

  • Avoid ladders

    • You want to prevent using a ladder to assist in pressure cleaning because you might lose balance, and collapse as a result of the pushback from the wand. You're not going to be able to see commercial pressure washers being used with a ladder because it is a safety danger. High platform cars, tires, cord access, and many other methods are used by industry professionals.

  • Be aware of power lines

    • Some buildings are attached to energy lines above the floor, or have electricity lines running on the edge of their property. If you are in this situation, do not attach the wand extender, and then touch the power line with the extender. It is a shock risk. 

  • Clear your work area

    • Forgetting to clear the area to be cleaned of toys, bikes, etc. in order to avoid forgetting them and cleaning over them is another extremely easy thing to do. Clear the bottom of your house so that the dirty bottom regions can be pressurized without interference. 

  • Look at vents and openings 

    • Close or cover openings to prevent water from entering your home. Use plastic and tape if necessary.