Is soft washing better than power washing?

Home owners who want to get rid of ugly stains on the side, deck or patio, often are concerned about pressure washing damage. This is where different techniques, such as soft washing, can come into play. Power/pressure washing can often be somewhat misleading. It often brings myths and confusion to the significance of the service. Pressure washing is often combined with stigma by potential customers, making them confused and intimidated. They apply it to surfaces that have paint, or window screens, leading to landscaping being  destroyed and/or other damages.


Whether this misuse of the power/pressure washer comes from a lack of experience with a prior contractor, or from the experience of wanting to just  Do It Yourself, with a pressure/power washer, I often talk to the customer in depth, in order to help them understand this process. That way, they will  fully understand what they are getting themselves into, and the responsibilities involved. This is also when I introduce the customer to the term "soft washing."


What is “soft washing”? 


A soft wash utilizes specific low-pressure nozzles at the end of a hose, or the pressure washing gun/wand. This has been coupled with a biodegradable chemical which removes organic components (mold, algae, pollen, dirt, moose) and other stains without damaging surfaces or killing crops. In addition to cleaning surfaces, like your ceiling, deck, sliding door or fence, the smooth washing technique keeps paint and masonry for longer, more securely, and in better condition. To clean solid concrete, however, a pressure washer can be used safely. Concrete is a sturdy enough material that it will not be harmed with the strong pressure from the hose or pressure wand/gun. In coupling with the correct surface-cleaner (which diffuses the pressure between two nozzles), the pressure should still only be a total of  4000 psi. This is the maximum amount of pressure that should be used with a power washer, for safety reasons. 

When is soft or pressure washing appropriate? 


Both the pressure washer and the smooth washer have their place when it comes to being used for cleaning. It is just a matter of choosing the correct method, in order to keep your household up to standard in terms of its cleanliness, all while making sure that your belongings are not being damaged by your vigor to clean thoroughly However, both pressure washing and smooth washing are carried out using a commercial pressure washing machine, so looking into renting or acquiring one will need to happen in order to utilize either of these cleaning methods. 


The commercial pressure washing machine distributes and dilutes chemicals correctly during the pre-rinse stage, and it uses the right volume and pressure ratio on suitable surfaces, which are pre-programmable. This is where the two terms are generally swapped.


In brief, a specialist pressure washing machine can perform both pressure washing and soft washing at your home. A specialists in pressure washing will understand precisely what type of combination of chemicals and nozzle extensions to use in order  to ensure the right pressure, quantity, and chemical mixture to carefully, efficiently, and securely clean all surfaces that you would want to clean.