How Do You Get White Residue Off Your Pavers?

Efflorescence is an unfortunate yet common problem that occurs on the surface of pavers. This problem occurs when water brings salt to the surface of the paver, creating a white coating on the paver. It is not as easily removed as powder, however; it requires use of the correct products in order to remove it. Fortunately, keeping your pavers looking new is a relatively simple task. Making sure they are well maintained at all times can lead to a better presentation and less risk of efflorescence or change of color and keep your interlocking concrete pavers looking gorgeous for a lifetime. Read on for a quick list of simple tips to help keep your pavers beautiful.

How Do You Get White Residue Off Your Pa
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How to Clean Interlocking Concrete Pavers (and When to Call a Pro to Help!)

Interlocking concrete pavers are used in driveways and pathways to not only provide aesthetic value but also be one of the most durable choices for a home’s exterior space. Homeowners having Interlocking concrete pavers or planning to install them should be aware of the basics of cleaning and maintaining them to ensure they last a lifetime. Read our article on how you can keep your pavers looking gorgeous for years to come.