What is the Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

We often hear about the terms energy washing and pressure washing. Are they the same thing, however? Or are they different altogether? Can the terms be used interchangeably? It may seem a little confusing, but once and for all, we are here to assist in clarifying that difference..


The brief response is: they're identical, but distinct! Power washer vs pressure washing (Don't worry, the long response is much better...)


The Difference Between the Two


In terms of water pressure, they both use a comparable level of pressure. How much power actually depends on the machine type; a domestic device will not provide as much power as an industrial machine.


There is one main component that differentiates a power washer from a pressure washer, however. When strictly speaking about the different machinery kinds, there is a heating element that can help in determining the difference between machines. Both machines produce a strong high-pressure water flow, but the water is also heated by the power washer. That may seem like a slight distinction, but the way each one  is used, and the job they are to achieve does indeed make an enormous difference.


What is a Power Washer? 


A power washing machine utilizes a very warm water with a high pressure flow, in order to remove dust and grunge from the outside surfaces of a building or object. The combination of elevated pressure and water temperature improves the removal of all products from surfaces. It is good for removing residues from outdoor patios, decks, and entrances which have much more such as salt, mildew, and mold. The addition of heat makes it especially good for stuff like chewing gum to be removed from sidewalks. Power washing is also extremely good for managing mechanical stains such as grease from sidewalks and garages.


Power washing is also good for the control of weeds and moss .The strong power of warm water helps to destroy them and prevent them from just growing right back immediately. Power washing is optimal if the surface is highly saturated or has a lot of dirt or other organic matter. Basically, power washing just brings a lot of power to cleaning off any surface. 


What is Pressure Washing? 


Pressure washing is what you have most probably used before in your home. It does not use heated water, but instead, utilizes the same high-pressure water expulsions as power washer. This lukewarm temperature water still performs wonderfully when the dirt is dry, but it also does not work against moss, mold or other hard materials. It still does an incredible job, but could not get rid of hard concrete stains.


What Tasks do I Use them for? 


Therefore, because you understand the primary difference between power washing and pressure washing, it is time to find out which one you need for your home. Which technique you end up using is totally dependent on the task that you want to complete..


Pressure washing is the way to go for regular family use. The surfaces are less hard, and it is perfect for use in objects such as masonry, brick laying, and cleaning concrete. That is what you want to do when you want to quickly wash your patio or deck.


Pressure washing is required for any bigger project, such as a large commercial space, or a large driveway or patio. The heated water typically makes the task quicker, because the heat contributes to the dirt and it degrading. However, you need to be cautious for the which surfaces you decide to use this technique on. Concrete and other tough surface areas are the best to adhere to when washing with the warm temperature water because the strength of the warm water can harm the weaker surfaces.


Whatever sort of cleaning you choose to do, remember that a professional is always there to help assist you! You can damage the surface on which you are working on if you are not correctly trained on the use of a pressure washer or power washer. Be safer than sorry, it is better!