This is a very fun and pleasant park! The Central Park provides the children with a wonderful location to run and play, all while being safe, within eyesight of their parents, and a safe place to meet other children. There's a big playground that features much more than just the local park would imagine. The playground is very large with a very tall play structure that provides hours of fun! Besides the park, the town activity center is also located within central park. There are several baseball diamonds, big grass fields for playing soccer, and a couple basketball courts to boot. It has many picnic tables, a snack hut and some grills at some of the picnic table locations. I would certainly advise you to go if you’re looking for a free, fun day with the family! 


Lovely park to wander around for yourself, or to bring the family to!  There is a Community Center with all kinds of activities and courses for the adults. They offer exercise programs and creative programs, so be sure to look that up!  The park itself is very tidy! There are BBQ boxes, and there is shade provided near the picnic tables, which are close enough to watch the playground as well. This is the perfect location for a nice park, and I have been walking and taking advantage of it here for many years. 


This place is simply lovely! I am eagerly awaiting the next summer concert gig, which they host every month during the summer. A summer’s night in the park is just magical, with the grass being soft and green. San Ramon, Kudos for keeping it beautiful.

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