I enjoy Crown tremendously,  and I always enjoy my wife’s and my date evenings there. Their pool tables are fantastic, so it's not surprising that they are always crowded! Even the pay-by-play tables and your pool sticks are well kept, and ready to go! Their employees are really lovely as well, which always helps. They also have friendly bartenders who work hard. They have a large, round bar there, that never fails to disappoint! We enjoy hanging out here, and are always pleased to have such a nice time. Keep up the excellent job!


One of my favourite pool halls in the Bay Area! Here you can always expect pleasant employees, good pool tables / equipment, and inexpensive beverages. This is the greatest place to spend some time if you're in the mood to play some matches at an open, and friendly spot. They are often replenishing their tables, and substituting out destroyed billboards, which I have subsequently learned  is an unusual thing in other bowling areas. Always a nice time to enjoy excellent inexpensive beverages and high quality tables! 


Love this location! Located in the San Ramon region, it’s by far, one of the best pool places around. The bar's great and comfortable. They have a wide range of beverages and you can always find something to wet your whistle by discovering stronger beverages, or lighter cocktails if that’s what you fancy. They have it all! Crown is ideal for couples and small groups. All the services here are very well looked after, and the staff are pleasant. The best time to go is Saturday and Sunday, since tables are only one dollar per hour! 

This amazing foundation is located near the following places of interest in San Ramon, California:


  • Crow Canyon Gardens

  • Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve

  • Bellingham Square Park

  • Hidden Crest Park

  • Red Willow Park

  • Forest Home Farms

  • Bollinger Canyon School Park

  • Golden View School Park

  • Coyote Crossing ParkSan Ramon Central Park

  • Walt Disney School Park

  • Hidden Crest Park

  • East Branch Park

  • Athan Downs Park

  • Bollinger Canyon School Park