Excellent place for young and older children!  They have a wonderful way of bringing history and learning to all children. Through observing, hands on activities, and active participation, you can see all of the children actively engaging, and becoming interested in the history. This is a great trip for families, but school field trips as well. While there, children learn about  ancient farming instruments and techniques. A barn with tractors for demonstrations is a must-see. Horses, chickens and sheep are there in the demonstration farm. I had a really amazing time at this place. On top of being open on the daily, they also have holidays and events, so make sure to check out those days as well! 


This is a really nice place! On event days it’s a little more hectic to find parking, but the festivities are always worth it. From live candle making to riding a pony, it is a good time for all children, no matter the event they decide to tory. Adults learn plenty here too, with the staff and live-actors being very knowledgeable with all the information at hand. They are all good conversationalists, and they seemingly enjoy discussing the history with the parents! 


The live animals and working far was fascinating for my children. Being from the city, they hadn’t seen animals in a working setting: cows being milked, horses pulling carts, sheep being sheared etc.). It was a really good time for me too, since I was from a farm, but had not had the opportunity to see animals in action for a little bit of time. The animals are all well taken care of, and it is a charming little place. 

This amazing foundation is located near the following places of interest in San Ramon, California:


  • Golden View School Park

  • Coyote Crossing Park

  • Crow Canyon Gardens

  • Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve

  • Hidden Crest Park

  • Red Willow Park

  • Forest Home Farms

  • Bollinger Canyon School Park

  • San Ramon Central Park

  • Walt Disney School Park

  • Bellingham Square Park

  • Bollinger Canyon School Park

  • Hidden Crest Park

  • East Branch Park

  • Athan Downs Park