This park is an amazing location with a great view of the sunset. It is very easy to relax and have a blissful evening. Red Willow Park is surrounded by nature, trees and animals. From the hill, you are able to see Mt. Diablo, so I called the little valley "Little Diablo".  This top of the hill is on the edge of the mountain and provides a great bird view of the valley, which is quite contrasting, since Danville’s most expensive real estate is just on the other side of the hill. It isn’t super exciting or thrilling, but I’m grateful to have access to this park! 


This park doesn’t have too much, but it has really amazing views around sunset. I enjoy taking my dog and just walking around the small park during sunset. There is a nice view of Mt. Diablo as well, so that is always heartening to see as well. As parks go, this is a bit more of a wild one with the paths being clear enough, but not always the clearest. There is tall grass, great views, and a bit of peacefulness that you can’t get in the city. 


Perfect for a day away with your kids. The park is more “wild” than some of the other ones, so it’s nice to just walk and have your kids run ahead of you on the trails. Would recommend to anyone who wants a bit more of a wild feel to their parks. 

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