This place is exceptional. Everyone loves this restaurant. It's by far the best quality Japanese cuisine around. The hospitality here is second to none. Tony makes you feel like family. By far the best sushi in the east bay. You get great quality service and quality product. Sakura takes the crown for best Japanese restaurant in east bay hands down.

Amazing sushi with perfect service. They are quick with the food as well. Everything tasted so good. The atmosphere was nice and open, yet still cozy. The staff is extremely friendly and have great hospitality. They greet you immediately by more friendly and helpful staff. The food is always ready really quickly, and tastes amazing. Extremely polite people. 


Their platter is amazing. One of the fan favorites is the number 1 on their sushi menu and it is a great way to try a variety of sushi. They also have huge rolls! They absolutely delivered with excellent service and fantastic sushi, with fresh fish delivered daily. Tony and the family are outstanding and the quality is second to none. So Blessed by this family and their dedication to their customers.  Another very popular roll is the Hawaii Pearl sushi roll. The quality of this sushi is spectacular. Sakura Japanese Cuisine’s rolls are again very great and are always talked about amongst the customers! If you have not tried them you are missing out!

This amazing foundation is located near the following places of interest in San Ramon, California:


  • Hidden Crest Park

  • San Ramon Central Park

  • Athan Downs Park

  • Walt Disney School Park

  • Red Willow Park

  • Forest Home Farms

  • Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve

  • Bollinger Canyon School Park

  • Bellingham Square Park

  • East Branch Park

  • Coyote Crossing Park

  • Crow Canyon Gardens

  • Golden View School Park