The Music in the Park program that they hold here is magical. The Sycamore Valley Park is a lovely park, and perfect for this family friendly event. They always have a vast assortment of food trucks, and the park itself is kept in wonderful condition by the staff here. Even the geese and ducks were not a problem for guests! They didn’t come begging for food, and the grass was clean, so sitting down on it was not of an issue. Since I was last there, they have improved the experience tremendously.


The music was wonderful, the event was held in the evenings when it wasn’t too hot...everything was magical! There was a very good turn out, as well. The park provided a lot of shaded spaces, so there was no competition for good “spots”. People behaved, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a good time. The park has clean public bathrooms, and a  lot of parking! A wonderful park! 


I love the trails behind the athletic facilities here! It shows that the park is truly accessible, and made for everyone. I love this park for the trails that it has, and the nature that they are cultivating! The first ridge is a bit steep, but at the top, the views are worth it! On the way, the path is clear, but it is not paved. If you look closely enough, there is an abundance of wildlife that the park is encouraging! I have seen squirrels, deer, hawks, and recently, even a coyote! I love what they are doing here at this park, and I come on a regular basis.

This amazing foundation is located near the following places of interest in San Ramon, California:


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