The customer service is great! The staff is friendly and helpful. Also, the Total Wine & More Guide to Wine: An In-Depth Look at Wine Regions and Producers (Tips to Enhance Your Enjoyment of Wine) is very useful! This guide that they provide will walk you through and give you a great wine experience. Lots of choices and good service. The staff are extremely knowledgeable about their inventory and products. They even have a chilling station so that you can cool your bear of white wine before leaving. Total Wine & More is a nice place and they have a very large selection of beer from almost anywhere around the world. If you're into beer and want to try different types and different brands they have the selection.

Prices are reasonable at Total Wine & More.The staff is very friendly and very helpful with a smile on their face the whole time! They also have one of the largest Keg selections of Total Wine stores.


This place has everything from high end spirits to simple table wine. The staff is both helpful and knowledge. For those whom have never been to one of their stores before, think BevMo but more upscale. You should not imply that their prices are higher because of their appearance. They tend to be pretty competitive to other places. It also looks much nicer.

This amazing foundation is located near the following places of interest in San Ramon, California:


  • San Ramon Central Park

  • Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve

  • Crow Canyon Gardens

  • Hidden Crest Park

  • Red Willow Park

  • Bollinger Canyon School Park

  • Walt Disney School Park

  • Forest Home Farms

  • East Branch Park

  • Bellingham Square Park

  • Coyote Crossing Park

  • Athan Downs Park

  • Golden View School Park